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MIKE - 5 Trips

Upon arrival at the Casa del Buen Trato, my daughter Mary and I are greeted with shouts of Mike! Miguel! Maria! Little girls run barefoot and in flip-flops on the dusty road to embrace us as we hug our little friends back and start-up our relationship where we left off a year ago in this remote beautiful part of Peru in the Andes. 

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COURTNEY - 4 Trips

Four years ago, my husband Ryan and I joined a team from our church that was going to serve at The Hovde House in Peru. The moment we stepped through the gates, I felt as though I was coming home. The sweet smiles and laughs, the little hands that reached for yours, the games we played, the hugs we gave and received. There’s nothing like it.

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CARRIE - 4 Trips

In 2013, while watching the Super Bowl with friends, I was asked if I would be interested in traveling to Peru with a group from Journey Church to learn more about the Hovde House and how Journey could partner with the organization.

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CHRIS - '19 Trip

I had never really considered myself a "mission trip person." My wife had gone on the Journey trip to Peru in 2016, and I heard great things about it, but I didn't feel much desire to go. That all changed one Sunday morning in January '19. 

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Interested in Traveling to Peru?

If you are searching for an opportunity to serve God and expand your emotional, spiritual and physical horizons, consider joining us on our next trip! For more info on travel opportunities, please contact us.

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