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We cannot and will not forget them.


Four years ago, my husband Ryan and I joined a team from our church that was going to serve at The Hovde House in Peru. The moment we stepped through the gates, I felt as though I was coming home. The sweet smiles and laughs, the little hands that reached for yours, the games we played, the hugs we gave and received. There’s nothing like it.


There's a little girl there that stole my heart a couple of years ago. I can't share her name with you but I can tell you that her smile and laugh would light up the darkest room. She had the sweetest little voice and loved to ask questions and show me how to make bracelets. She is 7 years old, and is at the Hovde House because she was abused. How anyone could ever hurt this sweet baby, or any of the beautiful young souls at the Hovde House is beyond me. It angers me to no end that these atrocities are happening everywhere, not just in Peru.


But you know what I feel more than anger towards what these precious girls have endured? Hope. They are away from those that hurt them, and are loved and cared for by such a fantastic team of people that God has brought together for such a time as this. My heart has been forever changed and I knew that He has placed a desire to serve and love these girls. They have a voice. It's you. It's me. We don't have to stay silent. For their sake.


Recovering Hope formed out of the hearts and dreams of previous travelers as a way to support these sweet spirits long after our team had departed. We cannot and will not forget them. I’m passionate about the work being done at The Hovde House, and for the impact it is making in the lives of these girls. 


I have looked into their eyes, held their sweet hands, became their Mama Courtney, and made a promise to My Heavenly Father that I will do what He has called me to do, and bring awareness to some of the ones others have forgotten.

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