This is the story of *Lily, a teen from Aucayacu, in the region of Huánuco. She was born into a dysfunctional family—an alcoholic father and an authoritarian mother. During her childhood, she was physically and psychologically abused by her mother who favored her younger brother. At the age of six, she was abandoned by her mom and remained with her father and maternal grandmother who both took care of her.

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*Names have been changed to protect identities.


This is the story of *Yane, born in 2003 in Tranca Salvia, a province of Huánuco. Yane lost her mother when she was two years old. Left with her grandparents, she spent her childhood with little communication, something not uncommon among the people of the mountains. One day she told her step-grandmother a horrific story that got her a good spanking. 

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